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The CAIRON MiGlobal platform has been developed to address the need for truly Global Mobile Internet Access. Our platform removes the national borders, roaming pricing instability and battery life anxiety from the subscriber’s mind. It has been designed around the concept of total freedom for seamless and SIM less Internet access.

Subscriber can access Internet anywhere in the world via our unique MIFI device Subscribers just need to switch on their device when they arrive in a new country and start using fully mobile data service There are no SIM cards, airtime vouchers, customer registration or queuing required. The CAIRON MiGlobal receives the IMSI from our server, which enables it to connect to one of the local 3G/4G networks

Our SIM banks and IMSI hosting servers are strategically distributed around the world in order to enable reliable service. The CAIRON MiGLobal will constantly report network quality to the management servers and will request the network change in case of poor performance.New IMSI will be allocated to the CAIRON MiGlobal, without the need for customer intervention.

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