Product photo of packaging examples


In fulfilment Cairon focuses on packing and packaging different components like SIM packs or gift cards. Our processes are very flexible, optimised and fulfil highest security requirements. In our packing centres, highly efficient manual or automatic processes control the production of your final product in the best possible quality and on schedule.

Individual packing and packaging of:
  • Blister packs
  • Plug-in-only packages
  • Standard letter shop
  • Single flow wrapping
  • Dispensers
  • SIM packs
  • Voucher cards
Nothing is faster

Imagine the forgotten purse in the washing machine - it is real! Cairon will fix it! We produce and deliver cards instantly on demand and make sure that your customers receive the card only a few hours later. An extremely fast production and logistics process with high flexibility ensures satisfied customers in the shortest of times.

  • Card production and personalisation
  • Customer mailing and card attachment
  • Packing and shipment