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Training courses

The world of smart cards, related systems and applications or security technology is highly complex. Cairon specialists give you an insight into the various areas to enable you to exploit the entire range of options for your offer.

Our training includes seminars on basic knowledge about smart cards, special application fields in GSM, EMV or health, and specific knowledge on public key infrastructures. The seminars are directed at decision-makers, project managers, developers and administrators. Professional trainers lead our seminars at Cairon headquarters or in your offices.

We also offer customized seminars to suit our customers' needs. Talk to us.

Smart Card Compact (0.5 days)

Offers a management survey of the potential of smart cards and their usage in several applications.

Smart Card Basics (3 days)

Provides detailed knowledge about the fundamentals of smart cards in order to understand the technology and the applications they are used in.

Smart Card Operating Systems (2 days)

Gives a survey of the basics on smart card operating systems to understand the technology and the differences of some well known solutions like SECCOS, Multos, Java Card …

Smart Cards in eHealth (1 day)

Provides detailed knowledge about smart cards for the German Health Care System. Detailed information is given about the functionality and the usage of electronic Health Cards (eHCs), Health Professional Cards (HPCs) and Secure Module Cards (SMCs).

Smart Cards in GSM and UMTS (2 days)

Offers detailed knowledge about Subscriber Identity Modules, the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) and the Universal SIM as an application developed for the UICC.

EMV Migration (2 days)

Provides the basics regarding EMV cards in order to understand the impact that EMV will have to the involved players when exchanging magnetic strip cards through microprocessor cards.

Public Key Infrastructures (1 day)

Offers insight into the building blocks and the technology of public key infrastructures.

SIM Application Toolkit, Micro Browsers, Smart Card Webserver and NFC (1 day)

This is an extension to the seminar Smart Cards in GSM and UMTS and offers a survey of the fundamentals of the SIM application toolkit, SIM micro browsers and Smart Card Webserver in order to understand the mechanisms and the potential power of SIM applications.