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SIM Cards & Tools

Cairon has unlimited market access and is able to supply any SIM card product and provide for all technical requirements in the telecommunications industry according to customer requirements.

All products fully comply with the relevant ISO and industry standards. Our strict implementation of environmental and organisational guidelines during the production process ensures that our products comply with our customers' health and safety guidelines.

> CaironSIM
Our base product

The CaironSIM product line is the base product for our SIM card portfolio. It fully complies with phase 2+ and the ETSI standards GSM 11.11 and GSM 11.14. CaironSIM is the standard platform for virtually all CaironSIM products.
> CaironJay
a high performance Java solution

This SIM card product is based on the highly efficient Java Card Virtual Machine, a proprietary development by Cairon. In combination with CaironSIM, CaironJay represents a high performance SIM card based on Java. A large range of intelligent applications (applets) can be implemented on this card platform. These Applets can be managed "over the air" (OTA), offering the highest degree of security.
> CaironSIM Browser
Application toolbox and gateway solution

This SIM card is available with the SIMalliance SIM application toolbox (S@T). Using the open browser technology, users can access applications through the web. Moreover, CAIRON supplies the S@T gateway to transmit messages between the S@T browser and the internet-based application server. The CaironSIM browser is also available with the SmartTrust wireless internet gateway (WIB).
> CaironUSIM
3G and LTE interoperability

CaironUSIM is the base platform for the CAIRON Group 3G product range. In the 3G and LTE worlds network operators run several applications on one card.

The CaironUSIM portfolio is based on an operating system for multifunctional applications, which ensures that products are designed according to the latest UICC standard.

Product enhancements:
CaironUJay and CaironUSIM browser: our high-end offer CaironUSIM can be extended to enjoy the full benefit of all web browser functions. The integrated Java virtual machine (CaironUJay) and the SIM browser facilities with S@T gateway technology (CaironUSIM browser) provide our clients with a high-end product..
> CaironR-UIM
flexible application in CDMA networks

The CaironR-UIM card (removable user identity module) offers user identification management, encrypted communication and secure data storage for users in CDMA networks. The R-UIM card can be used flexibly in the CDMA network and enables secure and easy transmission of the user's identity to a different mobile device.
> CaironSIM Toolkit
a powerful development environment

The CaironSIM toolkit is based on a highly optimised compiler and an efficient on-card interpreter. This powerful development environment allows companies to develop competitive SIM toolkit applications in a short space of time. The CaironSIM toolkit is a compact solution for loading applications onto the SIM card "over-the-air” for updating the SIM cards which are already in the field. We supply the complete script development kit including: Compiler, IDE software, desktop personalisation software and full documentation.