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Public Transport

The expansion of public transport networks has seen a phenomenal increase all over the world during the past 20 years. High mobility and ever increasing passenger numbers in conglomerations require high-performance ticketing systems for public transport. These systems need to be fast, secure and convenient for users and be cost-effective for system operators.

Paper tickets and plastic cards -
with or without contact

The development of megacities with populations exceeding 10 million opens an entirely new dimension for the requirements on urban public transport. Traditional systems cannot cope with the challenge. This quantum leap can be achieved only with high-tech systems with contactless technology like NFC (Near Field Communication), which is already being employed worldwide.

At the heart of the system is a contactless smart card which communicates with the back-office system and which is convenient for users. From experience we know that lean processing lowers costs for investments, human resources and maintenance. These systems are secured through modern encryption technologies to protect customer data and transactions from unauthorised access and manipulation.

Modern ticketing systems must be convenient, secure and fast to ensure that handling and costs are under control. Cairon offers global solutions for all system sizes and application fields:

  • paper tickets with magnetic strips
  • contactless paper tickets
  • contactless card (PVC), reloadable
  • contactless MIFARE or Legic module
  • NFC solutions