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Gift Cards

Gift vouchers in credit card format are among the most popular gifts. Renowned brands and department stores use this attractive marketing tool to increase both recognition and sales . A current trend is to combine gift card programmes with community projects. Companies want to take responsibility and combine the aims of the system with the values of their company through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

For lasting impressions

"It's all down to packaging!" — A gift is only complete if the wrapping is perfect. To help you make a good impression with your gift cards, we offer a great selection of packaging solutions and designs. You want to add a personal touch to your gift card product? We have a variety of options for including individual greetings, mailings and marketing material.

Cairon has a network of experience partners to offer innovative gift card programmes that include the following services:

  • Conception and marketing consulting
  • Production of storage cards that can be loaded with individual amounts
  • Individual card and packaging design
  • Card management system for customer and transaction data management
  • Fulfilment, lettershopping and mailing services
  • Warehousing
  • Personalisation systems