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Virtual SIM service is primarily targeted at immigrants and people working abroad on temporary contracts which need to make frequent calls and send/receive text messages to their homeland by using a domestic mobile phone number.

Virtual SIM provides mobile-to-IP and
IP-to-mobile services

Virtual SIM users are required to purchase a virtual MSISDN number from the service pool which acts as a domestic prepaid mobile number.

All voice calls and SMS text messages directed from/to this virtual phone number are transferred to the Virtual SIM service provider’s network over available IP/Wi-Fi connection.

Virtual SIM service is offered on subscriber’s phones through an Android and iOS client applications which handle the traffic whenever there is an IP/WiFi network present. These applications also allow pictures and other files to be shared between the service users. A Virtual SIM web-app is also available.

Advantages for the operators:

  • Increase subscription/customer base (diasporas, other operators’ customers, ...)
  • Simultaneously defend basic services (voice, messaging) and broaden service portfolio (mVoIP, mMessaging)
  • Unlock additional revenue with diasporas / new customers

Customers can download and start using their new number and the associated services without any need for new payments, new contracts, or any paperwork at all.


>  CAIRON Virtual SIM (PDF)