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For emergency situations where ‘instant load’ is required, CAIRON’s SOS Credit provides the solution. Reload is performed in real time with immediate delivery.

Emergency reload for your pre-paid customers

CAIRON SOS Credit offers a micro-credit loan to a subscriber. This is sufficient to make a few calls or to send several messages. On the next top-up, a fee will be deducted from the subscriber’s account.

The CAIRON SOS Credit platform is flexible and has multiple features to implement restrictions and rules based on an Operator’s standard business policies.

How it works
SOS Credit how it works
Greater customer satisfaction and Operator retention

Our reload solution delivers a superior end-user experience by offering real-time, end-to-end control. CAIRON’s technology delivers fault-free recharging, helping you build customer confidence in your services.

Operator benefits

Broader range of services, additional revenue point (extra handling fee), customer acquisition and retention, strengthens the relationship you have with your existing prepay customers.


>  CAIRON SOS Credit (PDF)